Faraja Primary School
for Children with Physical Disabilities TanzaniaSupported by
The Faraja Fund Foundation
faraja (kiSwahili) n. English: comfort, consolation

A primary school in Tanzania bringing hope
through education and physical therapy to disabled children. 

On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of the Faraja School in Tanzania, and the Faraja Fund Foundation, we welcome you to learn about our mission of helping children with physical disabilities to obtain a primary school education.  And, with that education in hand, to go on to secondary school or vocational training with the goal of leading productive, self-sufficient lives despite their physical limitations.

    At Faraja School, students learn that disability does not mean inability.

    You may want to begin learning about Faraja School by clicking HERE or on the picture be- low to watch a short video for an overview of our school and our mission.

"Children at Faraja School are among the most courageous and determined people I have ever had the privilege to meet."                                                                                                                   ~ Visitor to Faraja School


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