Career Camp

The Career Camp at Faraja is an initiative started by the Faraja Youth Group. It introduces students in Grade 6 to career options and educational opportunities they can pursue. Students who have graduated from Faraja have gone on to work as nurses, public leaders, carpenters, tailors, and teachers. The Career Camp inspires them to reach for their goals, and so many of them do. One of the greatest honors is having alumni return to the school to share their experiences with new students.

“I can proudly say Faraja school has been a liberation to many children who were lucky enough to get the chance for schooling…many students have seen their dreams come true.” 

– Pastor Laban Kileo (Head of Academics, Retired)

graduates (so far!)
have passed Tanzania’s Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE)
where the 2020 PSLE results place Faraja nationally

Faraja’s highest academic achievers may have the opportunity to attend a private secondary school. We work with these students to assess their long term career aspirations with appropriate secondary schools. While these programs are relatively expensive, they can lead to university and certification for jobs in health care, education, tourism, and other fields where career opportunities are plentiful.

Meet Our Alumni

Faraja’s graduates have gone on to be standout students, exemplary employees, and inspiring figures in their communities. Meet just a few of our alumni.

NicodemusGraduated 2010
Nicodemus is someone you should know! He graduated from Faraja in 2010. He earned a diploma in Accounting and then took a short course in Audio and Video Production. He has always loved singing and has his own Youtube channel. Nicodemus has started a small business and plans to create a music and video production company.
ShabaniVocational Training
This is Shabani. He has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. After a few years at Faraja, he completed three years of vocational training. He is now a sought after welder. You can learn more about Shabani in this video.
Highness, Veronica, and Asifiwe
Highness, Veronica, and AsifiweGraduated 2008, 2012, 2014
Meet Highness, Veronica, and Asifiwe, who have all moved on to higher education! (left to right in the group photo). Highness graduated from Faraja in 2008. She is now in her third and final year at Tumaini University Makumira, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in education. Veronica graduated in 2012 and is in her second year of nursing college. Asifiwe also graduated in 2014. She is in Form 6 which is “advanced level” secondary school.” She hopes to attend medical school later this year.

Support Our Graduates

Even after our students graduate, we remain committed to providing them with assistance and support. Your contribution will help Faraja’s graduates find not only opportunity, but the independence.