Providing a lifetime of opportunity for all of God’s children.

Faraja Primary School was founded with the belief that all children deserve an opportunity for a life of self-sufficiency in mind, body, and spirit. Far too often, the poorest families in Tanzania see disabled children as cursed, a bad omen, or a hardship they are unable to bear; but at Faraja, we see our students as inspirational ambassadors of change and a testament to faith, love, and perseverance through “comfort and consolation” (in Swahili, faraja). Here they grow not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

Our mission is to provide disabled children with a lifetime of opportunity through education, medical care, and meaningful employment so that Faraja graduates can contribute to their families and their communities for years to come.

Don and Joann Tolmie

Meet Our Founders

Don and Joann Tolmie founded Faraja Primary School in 2001 in partnership with the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. It was Joann’s mother, Mabel Swanson, who instilled in her daughter a love of education and a heart for serving people with disabilities. The Tolmies and their children have maintained an active role in the school for over twenty years.

Don and Joann started this journey. Now meet the men and women who work to keep their tradition alive.

Continue the Faraja Legacy

Help continue the Tolmies’ vision by providing educational and healthcare opportunities to our primary school students. Your donation can make a lifetime of difference.