The Faces of Faraja

Faraja is proud to have a group of dedicated, caring, and inspiring teachers and professional staff to help our students with their educational, physical, and spiritual needs.

Head of School

Tumsifu Munuo
Tumsifu Munuo Head of School

Teaching Staff

 Innocent Chuwa
Innocent ChuwaTeacher
Deacon Michael Mseselo
Deacon Michael MseseloTeacher
Salome Owenya
Salome OwenyaTeacher
Sylvia Tesha
Sylvia TeshaTeacher
Bertha Mosi
Bertha MosiTeacher
Lwice Mushi
Lwice MushiTeacher
Happyness Paulo
Happyness PauloTeacher

Student Support Staff

Emil Mhina
Emil MhinaPhysiotherapist
Deacon Fadhili Kiwelu
Deacon Fadhili KiweluSocial Worker
Amani Mollel
Amani MollelMatron
Godlisten Kileo
Godlisten KileoPatron
Neema Roderick
Neema RoderickClinician
The Rev. Magdalena Senga
The Rev. Magdalena SengaChaplain
Aurelia Rimoy
Aurelia RimoyMatron
Ajuaeli Tarimo
Ajuaeli TarimoPatron

Continue the Faraja Legacy

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