Career Camp is informative, motivating and fun for Faraja students and this year was no exception! This past September, forty-nine students from Classes 4 and 6 participated in the week-long event that inspires with hands-on learning opportunities.

Faraja Primary School social worker Deacon Fadhili Kiwelu said, “Our children were so encouraged that no matter what kind of weakness they were born with, God has given everyone his gift and the ability to work as long as you make the right decision and choose the best career that can help you after your studies.”

Trades that were demonstrated during the camp included: tailoring, welding, carpentry, and arts and crafts. Sports and games were featured  as an entertainment category to allow for exercise and leisure time. The week was led by outside instructors, current Faraja staff as well as past students. The past Faraja students who came back to Career Camp are successfully employed carpenters and welders. In fact, the carpenter actually owns his own workshop and employs others!

Feedback from the students was positive. They asked for time to continue the technical training they received during the camp to allow them to develop skills they learned. In response, Faraja is going to launch a “Vocational Club” next year. This will allow students to develop skills and learn more about employment and entrepreneurship.