A Lasting Impression

Faraja is sure to leave a lasting impression as soon as you step foot onto the red clay roads surrounding campus, hear the laughter of the children playing, and see the smiles on every face that passes by. Miracles happen here and we welcome you to be a part of them.

We encourage visitors to explore our campus, meet our students, and take their inspiring stories back home. Whether you stay with us for a few days or a few months on your next mission trip, the memories you make will change you for a lifetime.

To learn more about visiting campus, please email info@farajaschool.org.

Visitor Stories

The Matthews Family

Gettysburg, PA

Nell Edwards Matthews, her husband, and her two daughters – 13 & 22 years old – spent 9 months at Faraja. They lived, worked, and played alongside the students and teachers. They helped open the physical therapy room, ran exercise classes, held movie nights, and, most importantly, they forged lifetime bonds with the students…several of whom they sponsored.

“The old cliché is far more than true about our time at Faraja. Being there changed us more than we could have hoped to change for the students, teachers, and others at the school. We ended up being the students.”

David Vermylen

Lake Forest, IL

“I was visiting the school when an adorable little girl sat down beside me. She had just begun her first year at the school a couple weeks before. She said something to me. Of course I couldn’t understand because it was in Swahili. I asked one of the teachers for a translation.  What did she say? The little girl asked that I pray for her. She had Cerebral Palsy and seemed to be handling it quite well. I decided to sponsor Loyce right on the spot.”

David and his wife Stacy have visited the school five times. David is vice chairman of the Faraja Fund Foundation. The Vermylens and their three adult children, sponsor eight Faraja students and recently donated a sizable new playground that contains equipment specially engineered for physically disabled children. Besides offering a recreational area, this equipment will serve a vital role in physical therapy.

Faraja truly is a magical place. It is a small oasis filled with children’s laughter as they play…there is no judgement. Only love.”

-Nurse Faraja Sponsor

Support Our Medical Services

Thanks to you, students at Faraja are learning what it is like to walk, to play, to run. Donate today to continue providing these life-changing medical services to our students.