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Meet Ezekiel

Sponsored by the Walter’s Family

Ezekiel is seven years old and arrived at Faraja in January of 2021. Ezekiel has triplegic spastic cerebral palsy, the most common disability among Faraja students. He can walk, but it is difficult because his muscles are stiff and he doesn’t have good balance. There is no cure for CP, but physical therapy and orthotic devices can help a lot. Thankfully, both are available to Ezekiel at Faraja.

For Ezekiel and so many Faraja students, the stigma of disability affects all aspects of life.

Ezekiel attended kindergarten at a local primary school in 2020. Unfortunately, the teachers and administration at that school had no experience with disabled children. Although Ezekiel did well academically, he was constantly left out of activities because the staff assumed that he could not keep up with his peers.

Fortunately, Ezekiel is now with 94 other students just like him and a staff with 20 years of experience in working with disabled children. He is a bright boy and was able to skip Faraja’s kindergarten and go directly into Class 1. Thanks to Faraja’s new classrooms, there are only twelve students in his class. He is getting a great education, making lifelong friends, and improving his mobility with regular physical therapy and play.

Meet the Hartman Family – Joe, Katie, Robert, Rosie, Ann Marie and Maggie.

They sponsor Obedi (Class 4), Naomi (Class 4), Felista (Class 4), and Gladness (Class 1).

Katie and Joe Hartman and their children sponsor four Faraja students. Obedi is Robert’s student, Naomi is Rosie’s student, Felista is Ann Marie’s student, and Gladness is Maggie’s student. Katie says the kids are thrilled to learn about their students and the family hopes to visit Faraja one day.

Each year the cost of sponsorship is one of the Hartman kids’ Christmas gifts. “We are trying to teach them the importance of giving back and helping others,” said Katie. “Faraja is such a special place and the difference the school can make in the lives of the students and the opportunities available to them is life-changing.”

The children sponsored by the Hartmans all have unique needs Faraja works to address, as well as their own unique goals and dreams.

Obedi comes from an area where the water has too much fluoride, and this weakened his bones and led to a case of genu valgum (“knock-knee”). He had orthopedic surgery to correct this.

 Naomi’s right hand and arm were burned in an accident. She has been having physical therapy to regain use of her hand and arm and prevent further scarring and contractures.

 Felista lost her legs in an accident and uses a wheelchair. She is looking forward to receiving prosthetic legs.

 Gladness has cerebral palsy. Her balance is very poor, but physical therapy will be beneficial for her.

The story continues…

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