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Graduation 2022

November 9, 2022|

Twenty-six Class 7 students were honored at a wonderful graduation ceremony in October. Hundreds of family members and friends gathered for the celebration that was thoughtfully planned by the Faraja [...]

2021 Career Camp

November 4, 2021|

Career Camp is informative, motivating and fun for Faraja students and this year was no exception! This past September, forty-nine students from Classes 4 and 6 participated in the [...]

Celebrating 20 Years!

July 20, 2021|

Faraja Primary School celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year and we are giving you a look back in photos to the school's dedication in 2001. It's amazing to think [...]

Sports Day Fun!

July 20, 2021|

Sports Day - is fun for everyone and was held this past June. It is organized so that all the children can participate in many typical field day races [...]

May 2021 – News from Faraja

May 11, 2021|

A new class of 24 Kindergarten students arrived at Faraja Primary School this year and we are so excited to welcome them! Our students repeatedly demonstrate that disability is [...]


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