Providing More Than Care – Providing Hope

Faraja Primary School is committed to improving the health, strength, and mobility of all students. Modern medical care, funded by generous donors, has produced miraculous improvement for our students in both body and spirit. As seen in the enthusiastic play on our soccer field or playground, hope is alive here at Faraja.

Erick’s Story

Erick Bilasi Mose is from Kibosho-Onana in Moshi rural in Kilimanjaro region. He is 18 years old and in Class 4.

When Erick was 2 years old, he fell from a tree. The accident left him with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. When he came to Faraja he couldn’t walk and used a wheelchair.

After arriving at Faraja, Erick had surgery at KCMC hospital where a shunt was placed in his head to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid which led to the hydrocephalus.

He was given physiotherapy at Faraja that improved muscle strength in both his upper limbs and lower limbs, as well as his balance and walking ability.

Over time, he has had four additional surgeries for correction of his bilateral clubfoot. All the surgeries were successful! Following the surgeries, orthotic devices were used to maintain the correction.

Erick can now walk without any aid and independently handles his daily activities. It is inspiring to see Erick’s improvement and hope for the future!

Types of Medical Care

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