The staff at Faraja Primary School strives to teach students how to take care of themselves – to the best of their individual ability. This is so important both for life after Faraja and for the children’s self-esteem.

Because so many of Faraja’s students use wheelchairs, physiotherapist Emil Mhina created a wheelchair user club to help the children do for themselves. He sent the message below to give everyone a better idea about just one of the ways he supports the students at Faraja.

As a physiotherapist, I am responsible for making sure all the kids who need wheelchairs are given an appropriate wheelchair and maintenance. Due to the significant number of wheelchair users at Faraja, I created a wheelchair user club so that the students who are using wheelchairs can get support by discussing wheelchair skills and knowledge, as well as some of the difficulties they encounter. Through this club, I also trained them in wheelchair maintenance skills so they can maintain them at school or at home. 

Emil is transforming lives at Faraja every day!