A new class of 24 Kindergarten students arrived at Faraja Primary School this year and we are so excited to welcome them! Our students repeatedly demonstrate that disability is not inability. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them! (Pictured left to right)

EVANCE is an active boy who likes to play football. Unfortunately, he was born with clubfoot that wasn’t treated in infancy. Evance will have surgery, followed by physical therapy, to correct his clubfoot.

HAPPYNESS is a bright and clever girl who has spina bifida. She uses her wheelchair to compete in games with other students.

MICHAEL is an enthusiastic student who likes to write and study. One of Michael’s legs is shorter than the other so he will be fitted with an orthoprosthesis.

Faraja's new Kindergarten students

Congratulations Faraja Graduates!

The Tanzanian government recently released the results of the Form 4 exam – the exit exam for secondary school students.

Pictured above are two of our superstars! Samson and Irene. They graduated from Faraja in 2016, and they both earned Division I, which means their scores rank among the best in the country! We are SO proud of them!

Our graduates are well prepared for success in secondary school and beyond. Many thanks to Faraja’s committed teachers and staff, who work so hard to provide a quality primary education for our students!