Last month, two incredible events coincided at Faraja Primary School.

First, the school convened 11 days of Career Camp, its most significant initiative to date, aimed at providing vocational training opportunities for students with physical disabilities.

Students participated in tailoring, carpentry, welding, and arts and crafts—hands-on alongside experts who came to Faraja to share knowledge and skills.

The benefits of vocational training are well-documented among our students and alumni. Heightened self-esteem, expressing creativity, overcoming societal stigmas, participation in the developing economy, supporting families, and living independent lives–all are outcomes that underscore the value and beauty of this program.

Watch the inspiring video here.

The Faraja Fund Foundation is deeply grateful to The Reichert Foundation for the funding that enables Faraja to expand and enrich its vocational training for students.

Last month also marked Faraja’s inaugural Parent Day. On September 2, 45 parents arrived at the school for a series of meetings and activities focused on helping parents better understand, care for and emotionally support their children. Parents from many different backgrounds broke bread together, learned the history of Faraja, toured the school, and were introduced to the academic curriculum, therapy services and recreational facilities. They shared their stories and expressed heartfelt gratitude to Faraja for providing their children the education and health care they would never be able to afford on their own.

As Parent Day concluded, parents pledged to serve as ambassadors to their own communities for promoting understanding and ensuring the human rights of people with disabilities. They learned and saw first-hand that Disability is NOT Inability!

This is a huge step forward, especially in a country where disabilities are not well understood and millions of children with disabilities experience isolation, shame and illiteracy.

Step-by-step, child-by child, parent-by-parent, Faraja is changing this reality.

We do this in partnership with our donors, who make it all possible.

Thank you for standing with Faraja. We could not do this work without YOU.